Bear: 3 Months Old

Bear: 3 Months Old

Bear turned three months old today! It’s so weird to think that he’s been with me for only three months, I don’t even remember what life was like without him. He’s grown a lot since our last update. He is now 14.6 pounds and 25 inches long.

Whenever I take him out and people ask how old he is, they’re always surprised when I say “almost 3 months”. Everyone thinks he looks so much older. He has almost doubled in weight since birth and he’s fitting into his 6 month clothes.

Bear has learned some new tricks this past month! He’s discovered how to jump (while I’m holding him up). Every time I stand him up he jumps for as long as he can, which is basically until my arms get tired lol. He can hold his head up on his own, but he’s still a little wobbly because he can’t fully support his back. He loves to talk! I have full on baby conversations with this guy.. we will cuddle on the couch and he tells me little stories in his baby language.

He’s constantly sucking on his fists and has recently been more fussy than usual, which I read is the very early stages of teething! Sometimes he chews on his pacifier instead of sucking on it and I swear one day when he was sucking on my knuckle, I felt some little baby teeth poking out of his gums! I thought it wouldn’t start till 6 months but apparently babies can start teething as early as 2 months! Which is so crazy to me.

He’s become more alert and noticing his surroundings. Now, I can distract him with lights and sounds if he’s upset. He loves listening to music; ABBA is his favorite!

Bear is almost sleeping through the night. He wakes up to eat once or twice but will go right back to sleep, which is amazing for me because I’m not dead tired anymore (except for these past couple of days šŸ˜© which I read is also a sign of teething).

I’m so excited for the cold weather because I have so many cute winter outfits for him. Hopefully it cools down here soon. It was 85 degrees the other day šŸ˜¬. These past three months have been the biggest adventure I’ve ever been on and I can’t wait for the next few months; his first Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas! If you don’t follow me on instagram already, go follow me! I’ll have photos of all his firsts and the reveal of our halloween costumes šŸ™‚

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