BEAR: 2 Months Old

BEAR: 2 Months Old

Bear turned two months on September 11th. It’s insane how fast he’s grown and how big he’s gotten. He can do so many things now!


  • He can hold his head up on his own
  • During tummy time he can lift his upper body using his arms
  • He makes so many baby noises! He loves to talk
  • He can push himself up stand up while I hold him for balance

He’s 13 lbs 6 oz and healthy!

He got his two month vaccinations (we opted out of hep b & rotavirus) and even though he screamed his head off and I shed a few tears, I think we both did very well considering it was our first time! He did, however, have some “normal” reactions when we got home like a fever and muscle twitches in his legs.

I know it’s an incredibly controversial topic and people get very passionate about the subject (to say the least), but I still haven’t decided if he will be getting his four month vaccinations yet. I’m doing a ton of research and I won’t feel good about myself unless I learn as much about it as I can before I make a decision. I haven’t had much, if at all any, good experiences with doctors/the medical industry. So unfortunately I don’t feel as though I can trust them. So I’ve been diving into the world of anti vacciners and pro vacciners, trying to gather as much unbiased info as I possibly can!

On a happier note, it looks like we’ll be getting insurance for Bear very soon, so at least he’ll be able to go to the doctor for his well check ups and all that good stuff!

Can’t wait to see how much he grows in the next month. Stay tuned for another update 🙂

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