June 2018 Bullet Journal Set Up | CONSTELLATIONS

June 2018 Bullet Journal Set Up | CONSTELLATIONS

This is my bullet journal set up for June 2018. If you don’t like to read, just watch the video down below! Or you can keep scrolling for some cool pictures 🙂


I had a bullet journaling disaster the other day… I planned out this cool mountainy/foresty theme for my June section and when I started coloring it in, it looked like straight GARBAGE. This was the first time I had ever torn out pages in my notebook 🙁 But something amazing came out of it! I browsed through Pinterest and Instagram and found the coolest theme ever.

This was inspired by amandarachlee’s April 2017 cover. I added some of my own things here and there like the telescope. I loved the constellation idea! It’s so simple yet so beautiful.

Here is my month overview. I like to have a goals section so I stay on track with my yearly goals. I have a larger calendar this month, which I like a lot better. I decorated the edges of the pages with little star clusters. Then I have the gemini constellation (because you actually see this one in the sky during June) drawn above the goals section.

These are my trackers for this month! A mood tracker and a habit tracker. I don’t recommend doing this type of habit tracker if you’re not looking to spend at least 20 minutes on creating it! This took me TWELVE YEARS. I have the virgo constellation drawn down below because that’s my zodiac sign 🙂

On the next couple of pages, I have my editorial calendar. This is something that I cannot live without! I stay so much more organized when I make these. It helps me plan out everything.

Next up is my first week spread! I love how it turned out. I was really trying to capture a science lab type feel with the way all these pages were set up.

I’m really excited to try out new weekly spreads. I’ll post all the photos of them on Instagram! If you aren’t following me, click here!!! If you use this theme in any of your bullet journal pages or spreads, tag me in the photo on Instagram so I can see them!

Using this theme for June has inspired me to try more spacey/cosmic themes. I already have bunch of ideas for July! Happy journaling 🙂

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