10+ BUJO Instagrammers to Follow for Inspiration

10+ BUJO Instagrammers to Follow for Inspiration

When I first started my bullet journal I was on Instagram and Pinterest allll the time looking for spreads and pages to copy because I didn’t have my own style yet. I spent a lot of time browsing through artist’s Instagram accounts for inspiration and followed the people that I loved the most.



There are tons of amazing bullet journalists and artists on Instagram and I took the liberty of compiling a list of the best accounts that offer the most inspiration!

1. @bumblebujo

This is one of those accounts that has crazy intricate designs and spreads. They are soo beautiful and creative! I personally love this account. It’s just so nice to look at 😍

2. @bujobeyond

This account showcases simple but very pretty spreads and collections. It’s not as fancy as the previous account, so you might actually be able to recreate some of their stuff!

3. @amandarachdoodles

If you’re into bullet journaling and you haven’t heard of her, where have you been??? She has inspired many with her beautiful spreads and pages! She also has a YouTube channel with tutorials, reviews and monthly spread flip throughs. I got into bullet journaling because of watching her videos. She just makes it look like so much fun!

4. @goodoldbujo

This account has a strict blue theme. Their spreads are very creative and functional!

5. @journautical

This account is very minimalistic and clean. They have all black and white spreads, but they still offer some great ideas for spreads and trackers!

6. @allorasbujo

I love this account because they offer great ideas for charts and graphs. Trackers are one of my favorite things about bullet journals and I’m always looking for new ways to include them!

7. @rachelbujo

This bullet journalist has almost a vintage vibe going on and I love it! I especially love the colors they use.

8. @nini.journal

This account is minimalistic but still uses a lot of color, which I love! They have very unique monthly and weekly spreads!

9. @bujoandcookies

I love this account because they show very simple and easy-to-recreate designs. They’re so cute and creative!

10. @amizaomar

This account has a minimalistic vibe as well and their coloring skills are on point 👌🏼

11. @kirbycat.bujo

This is one of my favorite accounts that I follow. All their spreads and pages look perfect! The colors are so pretty and each spread is unique. Love this one ♥️

If you’re looking for even more inspiration or just like to browse through pretty bullet journal spreads, follow me on Instagram and Pinterest! I have a Pinterest board dedicated solely to bujo inspiration😊


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