Easy Watercolor Mountain Scene

Easy Watercolor Mountain Scene

Landscape scenes are my favorite things to paint with watercolors. Watercolor is a great medium for beginners. It’s very forgiving! If you mess up, you can just erase your mistake with a little bit of water.

This tutorial is super easy and fun! I painted my mountain scene in about 10 minutes and framed it in about 5 after it was fully dry (taking about 15 minutes). So the total time you’ll spend on this project is about 30 minutes at most.


Watercolor Paints

You’ll need watercolor paints, any type. I have some fancy watercolors in tubes, but you can get the cheapo stuff at Micheals or Walmart, it really all looks the same!


You’ll need just one flat tipped paint brush (a square cut). The size depends on how big your painting will be, so just use your instincts on this one!

Watercolor Paper

You’ll want to use special watercolor paper because it will absorb the water so you won’t be left with a soaking wet piece of paper that will crinkle up. You can get this at Walmart or Michael’s. I use this kind below. I got it from Walmart for $6.

Pre-Cut Mat Frame

This is optional. I like these because it makes the painting look finished, but you can just stick your painting in a frame alone if you want! I got mine at Michael’s for $3.

Painting the Scene

Step 1

First you want to pick out your color. You’re going to use one color the whole time. I chose blue.

Step 2

Dip your paintbrush in the water, then into your color and back into the water, to get a very faint shade of your color. Cover about half of your page with the shade, for the background.

Step 3

Now adding a little bit more color to your brush, paint the first mountain line across your page. Concentrate on making the line jagged with pointy tips. You can always go back over it if it looks too rounded.

Step 4

Gradually add more color to your brush for each mountain line. Paint across, sometimes going above the previous mountain line for variety.

The last mountain line should be the darkest.

Step 5

Wait for your painting to dry (about 15 minutes) and place your painting in your mat frame (or just a frame).

You’re All Done!

This makes great wall art for bedrooms or bathrooms. Make it as small or as large as you want, or with as many colors as you want. Experiment with it and have fun 🙂



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