How To Create Space Wood Art

How To Create Space Wood Art

I love painting the sky. Especially a night sky with stars and the moon. It’s easy, fun and it always turns out so pretty. It’s really hard to mess it up. This an easy and fun art project that anyone can do, even if you don’t consider yourself “artistic”. You don’t need any fancy tools or art supplies. So break out your craft box (or head over to Michael’s) and let’s get creative 🙂


I didn’t have any more circular wood blocks, so I went to Michael’s and got a flat wood board. I think it was like $7. If you do the same, your finished product will look something like this.

Let’s get started!

First, you’ll need a few things.

1. Watercolor paint

2. Toothbrush

3. Paintbrushes (one very small one and one medium sized one)

4. Black marker

5. Black and white acrylic paint

6. A jar or cup for water

7. Paper towels/napkins (optional: to wipe off paint when you change colors, I just use my shirt)

8. Paper plate

9. Your piece of wood

So I always start with the background first. You can choose a theme of colors like warm colors or cool colors. Or you can do both. I do both here. I started with orange, then faded to red, then magenta, purple, blue then a darker blue.

More water = less pigment. So when you’re trying to fade the colors together, add water then brush until they have faded together. In the pictures below you can see how I faded the colors together. It takes time, but it’s hard to mess up. When in doubt add more water!

Now it’s time to add the stars! Get your toothbrush and dip into some white paint mixed with a little bit of water. Don’t saturate the toothbrush, just add a little bit of paint and spread it around the toothbrush so it’s all covered.

Then start splattering! Just as if you’re flicking something off the toothbrush.

If the toothbrush splatters some lines instead of dots, use your finger to smudge them into the painting. This is where we will add some star clusters!

As you can see in the top right corner, there is a small white paint smudge. When I splattered the paint an ugly line of paint fell and it didn’t look good, so I smudged it and now that will serve as one of my star clusters.

Once you’re done with that you can get your small paint brush and start manually adding stars.

Get a small amount on the tip of the brush and add some stars here and there, then little clusters of stars where your smudges are.

Next, if you want to add a Milky Way, you can get some paint on your finger and smudge a squiggly line across the painting, really in any direction you want. You can do it horizontally across or vertically. I do it vertically here.

Once you’re done with that, take your small paint brush and add some stars to the Milky Way.

You want to make sure there are noticeably more stars in this area than the rest of the background. So add a lot of stars!

Now you can trace your mountain line. Using your marker (I have a prismacolor marker but you can just use a sharpie), trace a mountain line across the painting.

Once you’re done with that, you can fill it in with black paint using your paint brush.

Here, I’m only using the bigger paint brush to cover everything up to the top of the mountain, leaving a little bit of space to use a smaller paint brush and add detail to the mountain line.

Then I’ll take my smaller paintbrush and finish it up with some detail.

I added a moon and some twinkling stars. You can add any sort of decorations that you want; more star clusters scattered around, a ufo, a planet (if you want this to be more fantasy like). To add a twinkling star, you just paint a cross, as you can see below, and then finish it off with diagonal lines.

Adding a moon is easy too, you just choose where you want it to be and paint a circle with white paint. I have mine peaking out from the mountain range.

And thats it! You have your space wood art. You can do this on any sort of surface; watercolor paper, rocks, tables. Here’s a picture of the finished product again! If you think this is too advanced for you but you want one, you can purchase one of these in my shop. But if you were brave enough to try post pictures in the comments below! I want to see what you guys have created!!

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